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Kaspar Hauser Festival

31th July to 7th August 2016

Shortly after Kaspar Hauser first appeared in Nuremberg in 1828, he became the most famous foundling in recent history. He resettled in Ansbach in 1831. Here he became the victim of a brutal murder on December 17, 1833, a tragic incident which up to this day remains one of the most mysterious crime cases of the 19th century.

In only two years of his life in Ansbach,  the „Child of Europe“ became a permanent integral part of the Middle Franconian Capital‘s history, and one of the best known citizens in the area well beyond his time. 

For more than 170 years, Kaspar Hauser has been stirring wide interest and research, as the most important question concerning his ancestral  descent remains unanswered.  Even a substantial gene analysis in 1996 of his alleged own blood, was unable to answer this question. The profound interest concerning his person continues.

Since 1998, the City of Ansbach hosts the biannual Kaspar-Hauser Festivals. Based on numerous given and recent information received, it‘s objective is to convey a better understanding of this unique, complex, and historical phenomena.  

Additional information concerning the Festival and the full program of 2014 (German) you find HERE.


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